Hi! I'm Shi Fawn.

21 years old.

Wasting away in Arizona.

I'm San Carlos Apache and Black.

I'm pretty chill, in my mind anyways.



my art


white girls in the afro tag be like

"lol, didn’t wash my hair today! woke up like dish! now i got a whole afro!

#afro #white girl afro #niggers #negroes #im a nigguh now #black people # i hope they see this #i dont get enough attention at home #natural hair #interracial love #:))))”

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pineapple-ox asked: Are you pro homosexuality?



Honestly, I’m pro “do whatever the fuck you like as long as you’re not hurting people”.. so if two people love each other, what business of that is mine?

The problem in today’s society is that we are too involved in other peoples business, the most important question should be..

Are you pro you?

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people who don’t text back straight away annoy me even though i am one of those people

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Adwoa and Samuel. A Ghanian Engagement Session

January 24, 2013

Will be shooting the lovely couple in Boston sometime this summer and was extremely happy to have traveled there for their awesome traditional Ghanian Engagement session. The colorful attire and detailed beadings are truly rich of the Culture and looked flawless with her amazing complexion. Adwoa even showed me a little Azonto dance. I can’t wait to photograph the wedding. Here are some from the session.

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oh NO a GIRL!!!!!! with HAIR in places that HAIR GROWS !!!! AHH!!!!!

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